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About Us

Fair Food & Lifestyle originated in 2008 as a trading company of premium food items. Since then it has established itself as one of leading distribution companies in Bangladesh, particularly in the food and Lifestye industry.

Our global partners; such as Olitalia, Pasta Zara, Tong Garden, National are all internationally recognized brands, known for their consistency in producing quality niche products for the wider international markets. It is due to the diligence, teamwork and co-ordination between our partners, staff and employees that we have been able to succeed. Fair Distribution Limited ensures and guarantees the quality of every product, just as our tagline promises "Premium Always".

We have over 300 sales teams that include:
• 25 distributors nationwide
• 200 key outlets, 80 institutions, 80 supershops which are covered by our own sales team
• Products are distributed throughout all 6 districts
• 10,000 retail outlets under 6 regional offices

Letter from the Managing Director:

Nowadays, we are seeing that, due to an increase in knowledge and exposure, people are a lot more conscious of their health. For this reason they are more open to the idea of trying to recreate different cuisines at home, as well as incorporating foreign ingredients into their own cooking styles.


Our Global Brand Partners